Generic Router How-To

Generic Router Configuration Instructions:

NOTE:  Read the instructions for your model router - always more accurate and up-to-date solutions!!   (BE CAREFUL -- if you connect the ethernet cable from the jack to a switch port on your router you will disrupt service of customers in your building!!!!)

1. Connect router WAN or Internet port to RJ45 Ethernet jack with CAT5 cable and turn on. 
2. Connect laptop to router either with an ethernet cable to one of switch ports or wirelessly.
3. Open command prompt on laptop and type in ipconfig and hit return. Look for the gateway line and record the IP address of the gateway.
4. Open a browser and type the IP address from #3 above into the address bar and enter the router web-based setup utility.
5. Set the router name to something unique for you.
6. Set the router password.
7. Set router to do Network Address Translation (NAT) so it assigns IP addresses.
8. Setup WPA/WPA2 with unique SSID (wireless ID) and password.
9. Restart the router.
10. Restart the computer.
11. Connect to the wireless SSID you set up and provide the password.
12. Once connected to the wireless open a browser and login into USWICOM service.

If you are not successful - PLEASE disconnect router and send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request assistance in setting up your router.


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