Apple Router How-To

Here are the steps to take to setup your Apple Airport or Airport Express:

1. Go to the Utilities Menu and open the Airport Utility
2. Click on the icon for your airport express then click on edit
3. Set the name for your base station (your wireless router)
4. Set the password for your base station
5. On the Internet Tab - make sure that "DHCP" is enabled
6. Go to the Wireless tab
7. Network mode = "Create a Wireless Network"
8. Set the wireless Network name to something unique for you
9. Set the wireless network password
10. Wireless Security = WPA/WPA2 Personal
11. Check the box to remember password in keychain
12. GO to the Network Tab
13. Router Mode = DHCP and NAT
14. Click on UPDATE

Your Apple Airport Express will reboot and then you should be good at that point.  You can disregard the Double NAT error and use your Apple Airport Utility to turn off and not show the Double NAT error.


How To Reset Apple Router:

Soft Reset:  With the AirPort Express plugged into a power outlet, launch the Network System preference and choose AirPort from the Show pop-up menu. Click the TCP/IP tab and choose Using DHCP from the Configure pop-up menu. Press and hold the device's reset button for 1 second. The light will flash yellow and you'll have five minutes to make changes before the AirPort Express reverts to its previously saved configuration.

Hard Reset:  With the AirPort Express plugged into power, press and hold the device's reset button for 10 seconds. A green light will flash for a bit and then the device will reset itself -- a process that takes about 45 seconds. Once reset, you can configure it with the AirPort Express Assistant or the AirPort Admin Utility.

Factory Default:  Unplug the AirPort Express from the power outlet and press and hold the reset button. While still holding down the reset button, plug the device into a power outlet. Hold down the reset button until you see the light flash green four times. Let go of the button and the device will reset itself. Wait the requisite 45 seconds and configure it with the AirPort Express Assistant or AirPort Admin Utility.


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