R&R Credit Procedures

Going on R&R?? 

USWiCom will be happy to assist you and credit your internet service account for the days that you are gone and the account will not be used!!  Here are the procedures to be followed.

  1. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 1-2 days BEFORE departing on R&R.  In the email provide your email address, the start date for USWiCom to disable your account and the approximate date of return.  USWiCom will disable the account and it will not be usable while on R&R.
  2. When you return from R&R REPLY to our email acknowledging the suspension or you can call us at the numbers listed in the Contacts section of our webpage and provide your email address and indicate that you have returned.  USWiCom will calculate the number of days you have been gone and adjust/add that number of days to the expiration date of your service plan.

NOTE:  We do not automatically restart service and provide credit for R&R until we receive the email back from you or a call indicating that you have returned because of all the changes in travel that occur!!

These procedures are intended for personnel going on R&R.  They are not intended to accommodate short "TDY" type trips to other locations.  This service is provided in an effort to assist our valued customers.  Please do not try to abuse the service.

The USWiCom Staff


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